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With Coronation business vehicle insurance, you know you are fully covered

Your business vehicle needs are as unique as you. This is why our plans are flexible and designed to fit your specific needs. Whether on the road or in the garage, we have a plan that’s right for you. Choose your plan and enjoy protection from:

  • Third party property damage

    Our plan protects you and your business vehicle(s) from financial and legal exposure to third party property damage.

  • Cover for bodily injury

    If an accident involving your vehicle happens, we’d take care of the injuries and other consequences to third parties.

  • Fire damage cover

    We protect your vehicles from damage caused by fire.

  • Theft

    We protect your vehicles from losses caused by theft.

  • Accidental damage

    If an accident involving your vehicle happens, we’d take care of the damages for you.

Why choose Coronation?

Coronation is one of the most respected insurers in Africa with a legacy of settling all claims within 48 hours. With us, you know you are fully covered. Enjoy more with us.

Reimbursement of legal fees

We’d settle the cost of all legal fees caused by court proceedings resulting in a valid claim involving your business vehicle.

Fleet discount

We’d give you a discount on your premium if you’re insuring five vehicles or more.

No claim discount

We’d reward you with a discount on your policy renewal if you don’t make any claims in your first year.

Get more

Get more from our Business Vehicle Insurance
  • Free Vehicle Tracker

    Free Vehicle Tracker

    Is the value of your vehicle 5 Milllion Naira  or more? Get a free vehicle tracker for insuring with us.

  • Free Drivers Training

  • Prompt claims payment


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do when I have a Claim?

    To lodge your claim with Coronation Insurance PLC, please visit www.coronationinsurance.ng. Kindly notify us of your claim by clicking on the Claim Section, fill your claims details, policy number, estimate of repairs and click submit. Alternatively, you can send a notification mail to contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

  • What is the difference between personal vehicle insurance policies and business vehicle insurance?

Types of business vehicle insurance

No matter your motoring need, we have the right type of business vehicle insurance for you. Choose your preferred option.
  • Comprehensive Insurance

    Comprehensive Insurance

    It doesn’t get better than our Comprehensive Insurance Plan. This plan handles damages to your business vehicles caused by fire or theft, and also frees you from legal and financial troubles when they come. No matter what happens to you or your vehicle, or who is at fault, we’ve got you covered.

  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance

  • Third Party

Additional covers that could support your business

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