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Fixed Income Brokerage

Coronation offers an extensive selection of fixed income investments, including bonds, bond funds and ETFs, CDs, and preferred stock.

  • FGN Treasury Bills

    Short term negotiable bill of exchange

  • Public and Private Bonds

    Sukuk, Green Bonds, Special Purpose Bonds


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Preferred stocks and securities

Generate regular quarterly income with new-issue and secondary market preferred stocks and securities.

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World Class Market Research and Insights team

Access to macro, industry, and company analysis from our World class research and insights team

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Fixed Income Brokerage

We are committed to partnering with our customers to grow wealth
  • Rely on specialized, unbiased guidance for help

    Take advantage of our expertise to help you make confident investment decisions.

    Whether you prefer to invest on your own or would like assistance, Coronation offers guidance to help you meet your goals. We help you to pick the right fixed income investments and strategies for your portfolio.

  • Diversification

Latest News and Insights

We are committed to helping our customers plan for their financial future

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We are committed with partnering with our customers for financial prosperity