Introduction to Coronation Academies

Coronation Academies seek to enhance careers, attract top talent, and support key tenets of Coronation’s mission and culture by delivering cutting-edge learning resources.

Our vision is that Coronation Academies will be a competitive differentiator to attract and retain the best talent.

At Coronation, you will have the opportunity to hone your craft, work across disciplines, and define your career. Whether your desire is in technology, management, or strategy, your strength and interest will influence your career.

Five Academies, one successful career!

  • Coronation Academies

    Coronation Academies

    List of Coronation Academies

    1. Finance

    2. Technology

    3. Financial Adviser,

    4. Insurance

    5. Enterprise

  • Coronation Finance Academy - (CFA)

  • Coronation Technology Academy (CTA)

  • Coronation Financial Adviser Academy- (CFAA)

  • Coronation Insurance Academy (CIA)

  • Coronation Enterprise Academy – (CEA)