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Transaction Experience – With over seven decades of combined institutional and individual transaction experience with its ecosystem, We have successfully proven our capacity to deliver appropriate M & A solutions across multiple sectors of the economy. We continues to avail this capacity to our clients and deploy uncommon insights across various geographies.


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Enterprise and share valuation

With a strong technical background and an astute business acumen, the team combines both the science and art of enterprise valuation to deliver value to its clients. Our negotiation skills focuses our buy-side and sell-side clients on long term values and sustainable growth.

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Public-Private Partnership Advisory

Whether it is in seeking and obtaining concessions, pursuing commercialization opportunities or positioning projects for such, our financial modelling, business case preparation and tendering competencies have been relied on by our clients to help them navigate the opportunities available in public private partnerships. Our understanding of this market provides major leverage in developing economies across Africa where PPPs are deemed as the optimal model for providing working infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

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Leveraged Buy-Outs

The combination of technical advisory and financing capacity is key in delivering promising buy-outs for ambitious teams. At Coronation, we understand the nuances of this and are able to both advise and provide capital access to enable our clients achieve their ambitions of consummating successful buy-outs.

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