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Partner with Coronation Asset Management to grow your wealth

  • Investment Strategy

    Our Funds adopt and maintain an investment strategy that is designed to ensure a steady return on capital and ample liquidity for our clients

  • Objective

    Whether you are investing for the short or long term, our mutual funds provide you with a wide array of investment options to help you grow your wealth.


We offer different wealth management solutions

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Coronation Fixed Income Dollar Fund

Coronation Fixed Income Dollar Fund is an open-ended fund which invests in Eurobonds and other dollar dominated fixed income instruments.

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Credit Opportunity Fund

The Credit Opportunities Fund is a semi-closed fund that invests in a range of diversified credit opportunities with comprehensive liquid collateral agreements, managed by Coronation Asset Management.

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Private Funds

Putting your future in focus
  • Who should invest

    Who should invest

    The Fund is suitable for investors looking to invest for the medium to long term with moderate risk appetite and hedge against the depreciation of the Naira by investing in dollars.

  • Who should invest

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

  • Why invest in fixed income investments?

    Fixed income securities are typically designed to provide a regular stream of interest payments

  • Why invest in fixed income investments?

Private Funds

Putting your future in focus
  • Public Funds

    Public Funds

    We offer Three (3) Public mutual funds which are; Coronation Money Market Fund, Coronation Fixed Income Fund and Coronation Balanced Fund

  • Exchange Traded Funds

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