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Build your investment portfolio with us

Partner with Coronation Asset Management to grow your wealth

  • N10,000

    Minimum initial transaction size

  • Fund Type

    Open-ended funds

  • 90-day treasury bills

    Fund Benchmarks

Build your investment portfolio with us

Partner with Coronation Asset Management to grow your wealth

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The Coronation Money Market fund invests in eligible investment grade money market securities with tenors of less than one year while providing competitive returns.

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The fund strives to maintain average duration of not more than 90 days.

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Coronation Money Market Fund is an open-ended fund which invests in low risk short-term instruments such as Treasury Bills, Term Deposits, Commercial Papers and other Money Market securities

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Coronation Money Market Fund

We build your investment portfolio to be able to withstand volatility and shocks with robust risk management and compliance systems
  • Ease of entry due to low cost

    Ease of subscription

    Because a mutual fund buys and sells large amounts of securities at a time, its transaction costs are typically lower than what you would pay as an individual investor

  • Professional Management

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

  • What is a Mutual Fund?

    Mutual funds let you pool your money with other investors to "mutually" buy stocks, bonds, and other investments. 

    • They're run by professional money managers who decide which securities to buy (stocks, bonds, etc.) and when to sell them.
    • You get exposure to all the investments in the fund and any income they generate.
    • They offer a wide variety of investment strategies and styles.

Coronation Money Market Funds

Mutual Funds are an affordable way to help diversify your portfolio
  • Public Funds

    Public Funds

    We offer Three (3) Public mutual funds which are; Coronation Money Market Fund, Coronation Fixed Income Fund and Coronation Balanced Fund

  • Coronation Fixed Income Fund

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