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Why choose Coronation?

Coronation is one of the most respected insurers in Africa with a legacy of settling all claims within 48 hours. With us, you know you are fully covered. Enjoy more with our Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Medical Expenses Reimbursement

    Our Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide financial support for hospitalization following injuries sustained during an accident

  • Permanent disability

    Coronation’s Personal Accident Insurance provides cover for all permanent partial or total disability arising out of accidents.

  • Temporary Total disability (TTD)

    Not only do we cover for permanent disability, at Coronation, we also provide cover for temporary disability caused by accidents with our Personal Accident Insurance.

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Get a lot more from our Personal Accident Insurance


Our Personal Accident Insurance covers persons aged 18 – 65 years


The policy cover can be extended to cover spouse and dependents

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  • Prompt claims payment

    Prompt claims payment

    At Coronation, all claims are paid within a maximum of 48 hours

  • Customer support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do when I have a Claim?

    To lodge your claim with Coronation, please visit www.coronationinsurance.com.ng. Kindly notify us of your claim by clicking on the Claim Section, fill your claims details, policy number, estimate of repairs and click submit. Alternatively, you can send a notification mail to contactcentregh@coronationinsurance.com.ng

  • How long does it take to get a claim paid?

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